Real Estate Investing for Beginners 2017| Neva Williamson| Real Estate Investing 2017

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18 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing for Beginners 2017| Neva Williamson| Real Estate Investing 2017”

  1. Hello Folks, Please join me celebrate Mr. Scott for being of a good help to my world, for years I have always fall victims of Scammers who pretends to be Private lenders thereby taking advantage of my curiosity of getting a LOAN, but today Larry has cleared my doubt. He funded me without long process. I was so crazy when I got credited by Scott Larry. Please you can meet him @ this guy is so real.

  2. I am starting 2 really GET that wholesaling is NOT like 1 2 3….it's going 2 B lots of learning while doing…lot's of mistakes but learning from them…

  3. Hey!I like your videos and your advice. I'm interested in doing this business as well. I've been planning it for months and I think it's time to act now. The thing is that I don't want to get a loan to buy my first house. I want to buy it cash. I only have 10 thousands right now but in the state of Ohio, where I live, I can get a house at this price. But I don't know if buying it cash is a good idea. I am thinking about getting a secured loan, meaning locking my 10thousands in the bank, they will give me a 10thousand loan, I will buy the house and pay the bank 1000 every month and after 10 months, I'll unlock my 10thousand and get my money back and increase my credit score at the same time by paying the secured loan on time. What do you think about that?

  4. Omg, Im so glad I found your video. You are helping me in ways that was much needed. Looking forward to learning more.

  5. Hi Neva, I hope you're having a great day! Quick question: what does your 'cashbuyerninja' intel? Also, how updated is it? I am thinking about purchasing but wanted to be sure about it.


  6. Hi Neva I have been interested in real estate for a long time now. I am full time employed in the oil industry but I find myself getting bored. My family and I have one goal next year and that is to purchase a home. I really want to begin in this industry so my question is should I wait til after we purchase a home? Or should I go ahead and start pursuing this dream? I was wondering if it would hurt my our chances by starting in the real estate investment industry if we're planning to purchase a home. Thanks in advance for your feed back.

  7. thanks for the video! do you have a letter that you can share that you send to the owner that has the house in probate, and a letter you send to the probate lawyer? thank you so much! my email is thank you sooo much

  8. hey neva i have an next door neighbor that pasted in may of 2015 and his house has been vacant but has been getting run down from no one staying in it. My question is who do i contact to try to put the house under contract ? i looked up the property tax records, i dont see anybody else that i could contact

  9. Hey neva. I found a vacant property that's in bad shape and I looked it up on the property appraiser but the mailing address is the same as the property. So how do I get in touch with the owner?

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