Real Estate Investing for Beginners Real Estate Investing for Beginners step by step course

19 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing for Beginners”

  1. Hi Phil, your videos motivated me to learn more about this topic. Is the course for free, like you’re just gifting it giving it away?

  2. Hey Phil how are you doing , I am interested in working as a real investor , and to make the right choices and I am looking for a mentor to coach me and my wife in being successful in this business contact me at

  3. Hey Phil. I'm reading your book and completely hooked on wanting to learn more and take action. I'm a construction project manager but really want to do this at least part time for now. I actually sent an application in for your apprenticeship program. In the meantime, where can I go to just learn about real estate and terms, how to do it etc.? I'm sick and tired of being broke and working odd jobs to make ends meet and really think this is the path God is leading me down.

  4. Phil! What are you doing for Hurricane Irma? Did you leave, and what about your property in the Keys?? I hope it's in one piece.

  5. Hi Phil, I love and appreciate your informative videos. I just have one question. If real estate has made you wealthy, why the mentoring programs? ….and I do mean that respectfully. Thank you again for your great vids!

  6. I am back again to look at this program.. I went through taking care of a family member ( my Mother ) and she is in heaven now. I want to now come back to help me and my future career…Thanks…

  7. Thanks Phil for putting together the course and the book. Looking forward to learn as much as I can and then apply in about a year from now (still abroad on a job).

    Hopefully I can become an apprentice then. I am sure my attitude and mentality fit, so lets hope my location will fit you and your team as well.

    Thanks and regards!

  8. Dude thank you for posting this video. Great keys of wisdom. I am a newbie starting out and like your honest approach.

  9. I have yet to find any investment advice on handling squatters (people who are not tenants) or occupants unwilling to leave.  Investors buy a property, open up the doors and surprise! an occupant unwilling to leave.   How do you proceed?

  10. Do you have any suggestions for hard money lenders designed for new investors with no money down? Any chance of me starting this process by finding homes for you and getting some form of commission for managing the process?

  11. Hi Phil, I would like to talk to you about you becoming my mentor in the real estate business. I'm very interested and motivated in working here in the South Fl area. Maybe we can go half and half on the deals. Please let me know if that's something we can do. Thanks

  12. do the books tell you if you need some type of certificate to sell houses? i get confused. do i need a real estate licesense to sell houses?

  13. You are making me a believer this is a honest business, its been bothering some what, I want to be honest, ethical and sincere, James Bischoff

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