Real Estate Investing | Flipping Pittsburgh Season 2 | Multi-Million Dollar Year

Welcome back to #flippingpittsburgh Season 2!

2018 What up! I’ll keep this short and sweet. 2017 we learned a lot – We didn’t hit all of our goals, but we hit the important ones to continue our growth.

The best thing we did last year was grow our internal team and make a ton of important mistakes. As many failures as we had, we still did what most people said wasn’t possible in our market, and pipelined enough deals to try to double it this year.

I learned an important truth last year – successful people fail more than the average person tries. It was a quote in 2016, it is now truth to me in 2018.

This year, while continuing to grow our business I will make sure I keep spreading NO BS, NO SALES, SOLID information that shows the truth behind the smoke and mirrors you see all over about real estate and entrepreneurship.

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