REAL ESTATE INVESTING 2014 UPDATE: Why Are Chinese Investors Buying Up Detroit?

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20 thoughts on “REAL ESTATE INVESTING 2014 UPDATE: Why Are Chinese Investors Buying Up Detroit?”

  1. the chinks ain't gonna save detroit………..trump is. Even the knee-grow inhabitants of the city didn't show up for hillary because…………."what have they got to lose"?

  2. Remember the 1000 dollar property has annual taxes to pay on it. Then you have to insure it. How much will a tenant pay? What if the US tenant doesn't always pay the rent …? After investing 10k (at least) to bring the property to habitable standard, maybe he can squeeze $200 month from a tenant. So, $2400 per year – minus insurance, minus property tax, minus rent losses now and then, leaves our simian friend with very little.

  3. H ah ah ha the Chinese are doing the same to Australia so whats the problem. You had the chance to stop them but oh no you wanted to make a quick buck and it backfired badly. Nixon started this rot, what did he say if they all bought one biro from the US yeah well they are only buying up natural resources including land and selling you Yankees all kinds of crap, lawn mowers that fall apart, electric drills that burn out, cars that crumple upon impact yes sir all the crap you yanks like to own at a fraction of what home made stuff costs.

  4. Tumbler Ridge BC Cda – the model for the future – a coal mine owned and operated by China (in Tumbler) rejects union employees, and imports Chinese foreign workers instead to operate the mine in 2012. Rumour has it the workers were in camp and not allowed into town. The BC provincial gov't supported this project all the way, and was rewarded with a majority gov't in the 2013 election. The voters' ignorance is their future.

  5. Detroit – the model for the future – have a financial collapse – wipe out real estate values and pensions for city workers, and bankrupt the city. Then buy it back for pennies on the dollar and rent it out or re-sell for profit. Detroit was an experiment. Now apply it to the country – buying profitable businesses for cheap. The workforce/labour will be cheap. The USA will one day (2025) want to kick out the Chinese businesses like Castro kicked out the yanks in the 1950's. The Chinese will take over the superpower role. They will own the bankrupt USA.

  6. So simple..if you want the AVERAGE HARDWORKING American to START experiencing a significant improvement in their std of living and financial situation, resulting from a huge increase in REAL jobs that pay well, all you need to do is to TOTALLY replace Congress with CHINESE.

    These will be the ones who do REAL work daily and start generating results instead of fingering each others ass while playing hide and seek with the incompetent, impotent 1/2 nigger POTUS.

  7. + Layla Jones

    Yes. Too many lazy moroms in your nation are yawning. No great jobs, always in between jobs….too much time on your hands.

    Enjoy your yawning and enjoy living in financial misery till you are old. Just dont point that shotgun under your chin.

  8. The main problem with white and Nigger Americans is, they have no idea on the definition of "working hard". You think you're working hard….but in the real world, when compared to other nations that're growing faster than you, your "working hard" is actually lackadaisical, complacent and lazy.

    Many of you idiots might be "qualified", but you are wrongly qualified with qualifications that cannot rescue a failing nation.
    Degree in Psychology, History,Philosophy etc…….these luxuries are only to be enjoyed once your nation is performing excellently with hardly any poverty and joblessness.

    In a superpower nation where 67% dont evenhave valid passports (june 2013), this is crystal clear confirmation that the USA is in deep deep shit. But of course, you'll be wondering "Shit? We're not in deep shit!" Hahahaaaaa…thats when you're really too deep inside the pile of shit.

    If you cant even assemble/manufacture your own world class smartphones invented by yourselves, it means your PEOPLE, yes…all Americans are fucked up, and have the wrong mindset and attitude

    So, say than you to those who can manufacture your toys, and make huge profits out of it. Hahahaaaa…and you'll be going into your usual line of defence about abused labour, sweatshops and and all that shit. Sorry silly Americans, you cant generate REAL results if you're not correctly qualified and start demanding high salary (LOL…who do you think you are), flexible working hours, fantastic benefitsloads of holidays etc…..

    This is exactly where Americans fail.
    You want to enjoy too much, but are not good enough to enjoy this benefit. Ultimately its your industries that suffer. So LEARN from the CHinese and Indians expats in your nation. They are TEACHING you idiots how to work smart.

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