Real Estate Finance – Lecture 01 – Introduction

Introduces the course on real estate finance and investing at Prince Sultan University and presents a general discussion on real estate bubbles and their importance in investing.

Dr. Krassimir Petrov, Prince Sultan University
Associate Professor in Finance: Dr. Krassimir Petrov

20 thoughts on “Real Estate Finance – Lecture 01 – Introduction”

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  2. Yes, it is possible, but it only a ONE-TIME INCREASE, and the regulation MUST BE RECENT. So, in the case of the U.S., we know for sure that IT WAS A BUBBLE.

  3. WHY are people making MORE????? Usually they make more because of INFLATION, so house prices reflect the inflation in the economy. If there is a genuine growth in PRODUCTIVITY, then the productivity will increase the SUPPLY of housing and keep the prices low.

    Housing prices can go up due to excessive demand from mortgage loans (i.e. housing bubble).

  4. Of course, housing never APPRECIATES. Housing only depreciates! Housing prices may go up because of INFLATION, but in real terms they do not go up.

  5. I find that a bit strange. Real estate, valuation, is like a house of cards. I don't see why prices don't stay relatively the same. If you land, then cost to build. I think the idea that a house appreciates is a bit ludicrous. The only reason a house value should increase is if more people want to move into that neighborhood.

  6. Wow that was intense. Price/ Income. Rent/ Price. Interesting indicators of valuation. So if people are making more, than the house of the price should increase?

  7. I am very sorry, but the university cancelled the course after week 1, so there were never any more lectures and any more recordings. You will need to study the investments course and figure things out with your own brain.

    … and it's too early to relieve them of their properties — are they already begging you?? Are they really desperate?

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