Real Estate – A agent in New York

A day in the life of a real estate agent in New York City. Spoiled trust fund baby needs big apartment for little money. Based on real life experience of my wife who works as a real estate agent in Manhattan. Written by Kaspar Galli. Created by Kaspar Galli for Kaspoyna Productions. Animation by
xtranormal rocks!!!

15 thoughts on “Real Estate – A agent in New York”

  1. He (who) stole what from which other person? You couldn't be any more wrong about that. Every word of this skit is written by myself inspired by my wife who was working in real estate at that time. Most of these ridiculous client requests are remarks my wife actually heard little trust fund princesses say in real life, all I did was to write them down and compile them into one person. Truth.

  2. @TheGuitargreats1 Hilarious! As a fellow guitarist and guitar aficionado I want to let you know that I am working on a guitar version of this clip – I already wrote the script, I just need to steal some time to make it into a cartoon. By the way I love your channel! – Kaspar

  3. @TonyaTko In one of your recent videos you said " Who the f… are you?" Do you honestly think by omitting 3 letters of a verb that everybody recognizes regardless whether you pronounce it or not you will retain the rights for the access to the garden of eden? You were thinking that dirty word, weren't you? Do us both a favor: If you don't have the nerve to use profanities don't use the neutered versions – it's hypocritical and not cute. Leave it up to us sinners. IF YOU THINK IT YOU ARE IT.

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