Property Investment Calculator – Evaluating Cash Flow Rental Property – Running the Numbers

In this video I go through evaluating a cash flow/ or rental property and how you can get access to a free property investment calculator. As a beginning, intermediate or advanced real estate investor you make your money when yo u buy.

If you don’t buy right you can end up not making as much money as you planned or losing money all together. I go through all the factors you should take into consideration when analyzing a rental property. Running the numbers to ensure a postive cash flow.

Many beginner and some intermediate real estate investors overlook some fundamental pieces of investing in rentals. If you are looking a step by step how to run the numbers on a rental property you have the right video. And you have an opportunity to get access to a property investment calculator for free too.

In less than 20 minutes you will have the formula to evaluate any rental property nationwide. Save yourself time and agony of trying to figure the rental house business out and watch this video for the clear cut formula of how to put these types of deals together.

If there was a class on investing in rentals 101 this fundamental formula for running the numbers would be in it.

Here are the fundamental pieces to flipping cashflow rentals covered in this training video:

1. Finding the Market Rents for Your Investment Property
2. Understand and Figure Out What the Expenses of Owning Rental Property Are
3. Learn to Use a Mortgage Calculator
4. Analyze the Investment Property to Ensure the Desired Cash Flow on a Month to Month Basis.

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20 thoughts on “Property Investment Calculator – Evaluating Cash Flow Rental Property – Running the Numbers”

  1. Iam new too, but does that mean that in order to get a cash flow of 200 from 900 rent market i should not invest in a housing that will cost about $32,493 or less? or is that after a certain downpayment?

  2. I know it is always different depending on markets and quality of property but I am really new and so haven't taken a good look at the market I want to get into… not till late next year… so question what sort of median do you see for 3 or 4 plex properties?

  3. But how did you decide that you want $200 a month cash flow?  Is this just some random number or do you have a percent to base it off?

  4. Your expenses do not include income tax on rent earned. This needs to be accounted for just like the other expenses.

  5. good video for the most, but i dont think $45 maint. fees are enough unless if you have an extra set side for a cap items, also utilities not included, where do you live where you can buy property this low and rent it for $900?

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