Pricing for Detroit Property Management | Turnkey Real Estate Investment, Monique Burns

“In this video I describe what services we offer if you buy our turnkey properties in Detroit, Michigan through our company Great Day Property Management.” ~Monique Burns | Contact:

Great Day Property Management:
We buy the houses
We renovate the houses
We place section 8 tenants in the houses
Then we sell the houses to you
AND we continue on as the property management team! (Talk about the perfect investment scenario!)

With our business model, no longer do our new investors need to buy houses assuming all the risk. The houses that we sell are truly turnkey; they have been renovated, the titles are marketable, the tenants are already paying rent, Section 8 is running smoothly, affordable insurance is in place and you have a professional property management team already working with your investor interests in mind.

Read more about the husband wife team of Monique and Pat Burns:
Watch this to learn INSIDER tips from Monique:
Why Section 8 tenants?

Still want to learn more? Read Monique’s brutally honest blog posts:

Ready to take action? Excited about that awesome return on investment? (“90% of rent automatically deposited in your bank account every month!”) Contact Great Day Property Management to set up a date to fly yourself in to Detroit and let Pat and Monique show you around the D, the houses, and the success stories they are already managing. NOTE: Exclusive. There is a waiting list. Pat and Monique reserve the right to be selective since this is such an ideal arrangement for investors.

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