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Port Charlotte Real Estate visit us on the web at http://allusarealty.com by All USA Realty 877-869-5967 pat@allusarealty.com and let us help you find that Dream Home in Port Charlotte Florida. We also have Port Charlotte Florida Foreclosures and you can view our MLS Search for Homes and Foreclosures. Never been to Port Charlotte then you might want to take a look at our video of Port Charlotte. We have a complete list of all homes listed and all of the homes in foreclosure. Come on down we have quite a selection. We would also like to invite you to subscribe to our channel. We love Port Charlotte and are sure you will too.
Port Charlotte Real Estate
Port Charlotte Florida Real Estate
Port Charlotte Foreclosures
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  1. This town is shit, and will find all kinds of ways to get revenue because it's not a touristy type place. Ther is not shit to do here! LOL!!! They made everyone get a permit to have a running septic tank that came with our homes in the 60s 70s whenever for WHAT!!!! MONEY!! This town has NO money LMAO! Shit hole! and don't even get me started on Punta Ghetto.

  2. Port Charlotte FL Real Estate Agent for New Homes, Condos, MLS and Foreclosures.
    Click http://allusarealty.com email me at pat@allusarealty.com or give a call 877-869-5967. I can SELL your Home or help you find one.
    Finding a good deal on foreclosures can be a little tricky but Port Charlotte is a great place to look for one. But, how do you know if it's a great deal or not?  Ask us. There are certain conditions that allow a home in default or foreclosure to be attractive to you as a buyer and the only way to know for sure is to enlist our help.  We will do the necessary investigation to find out what is owed on the home, the condition, and see if there are any barriers. 
    Port Charlotte Homes and Port Charlotte Foreclosures Sale
    Foreclosure is the process by which a bank or other secured creditor takes back ownership of a piece of real property due to owner's failure to pay their mortgage. The foreclosure process begins soon after the property owner stops making mortgage payments. This can take a few months or more and during that time the property owner may try to sell the home at a reduced price hoping that the lender will accept a less amount (short sale) than what is due on the mortgage. 
    Port Charlotte Homes and Port Charlotte Foreclosures Sale
    Once the bank repossesses the property (bank owned), it is offered for sale and they will typically start the selling price at what is left on the loan balance.  Many times foreclosures and bank owned property are good deals but certainly not always.  It's our job to ensure we have all the pertinent information before making an offer and that your best interests are protected. Refresh your browser to see if more homes or Homes are in default.
    To view our Foreclosures and Homes for Sale CLICK THIS LINK http://allusarealty.com
    Port Charlotte Homes and Port Charlotte Foreclosures Sale
    All USA Realty
    Pat Odor, Broker

  3. I'd like to learn more about life in port Charlotte. I'm thinking of retiring there and would appreciate comments. I'm f course I'm doing searches but most of what I'm seeing is commercials

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