NYC Real Estate: FiDi Neighborhood Tour

NYC Real Estate: Come view New York City’s Financial District, now called FiDi. It is the fastest growing residential neighborhood in NYC. The condos are luxurious and the neighborhood has many amenities. This is one of the best investments in NYC real estate you can make now.

20 thoughts on “NYC Real Estate: FiDi Neighborhood Tour”

  1. @primetorontohomes Yes, it's a very interesting place. It's very historic and very modern at the same time and you're right about it being a great place to live. There are many new beautiful condos in what were former office buildings.

  2. @airwavesdc Thanks, Joelle. There really is a lot to explore in the neighborhood. Zeytuna also is a great gourmet grocery.

  3. @BatonRgeHousingRepts I didn't see that episode. Must have been interesting. The changes that have come about are because there were tax incentives for developers to build residential housing. Many office buildings were converted to luxury condos, and so the whole character of the neighborhood has changed and developed.

  4. @CreativeCookingCornr Thank you. The Financial District is what used to be boring "Wall Street" but so much has changed in recent years. It's become very residential and so many more business and restaurants have come to the area and continue to.

  5. @daveinxian1 It's a tough question, because there are many choices. Probably Fraunces Tavern or Bobby Vans, though the cafe atmosphere of Stone St. is lovely in the nice weather.

  6. @CharlieVandersluys Thanks, Charlie. With your photographic eye, I really appreciate the complement.

  7. @sunbirdfeather Yes, these days there are. It used to just be "Wall Street' but now many former office buildings have been converted to luxury condos, and as a result many more business have come to the area and more are coming as the new Trade Center and the new transit hub near completion.

  8. @HesterDaniel Thanks, Daniel. I really love the neighborhood, as you can tell. So much upside too from a real estate point of view.

  9. @BenGarrisonRealtor Thanks so much, Ben. It's become a very different neighborhood from even just a few years ago.

  10. @JenetLevyNYC I feel like it's time for us to visit awesome NYC! Thanks for posting this video,Janet! very nice!

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