NOLA Homes Project – Case Study & Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program 504-322-1536. We buy, rehab, rent & sell residential properties. Join our Real Estate Investor Mentoring Program.

NOLA Homes Project 5000 is an community economic development project that will create 5000 high-quality, safe and accessible housing affordable to individuals and families of all income levels throughout New Orleans and surrounding areas. Project 5000 is projected to create 700 new sustainable jobs, and 75 new businesses. That’s a projected $620 million in gross revenue infused in our community.

We provide housing, jobs & real estate opportunities, housing education and investor mentoring programs.

These kinds of economic opportunities is the best strategy to eliminate poverty, crime and a reduced police presence in our neighborhoods, while creating viable legal means for our young adults to have legitimate earning opportunities while restoring the huge inventory of distressed and abandoned properties that litter our neighborhoods and lowered property values in the process. 504-322-1536.

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