Myrtle Beach Vacations – South Beach Cottages

Myrtle Beach Vacations offers beach house rentals in South Beach Cottages. South Beach is located on the south of Myrtle Beach and is across the street from the ocean. The homes come in both 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom floorpans. There is a community pool and private parking under the home.

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19 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach Vacations – South Beach Cottages”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! We drove by these the last time we were down in Myrtle. So pretty….love all the fun colors, location, and surrounding area! ♡

  2. Having alot of stress problems right now because of my job. Back and forth to the doctors. This would be a relaxing getaway!

  3. I fell in love with MB the first time I visited in 2006. I've been twice since then and would love visit again. Been trying to convince my boyfriend to move there!!

  4. Myrtle beach sc is beautiful. Would love to win this wonderful vacation for me and my 3 yr old daughter

  5. So breath taking! Seriously in tears, I need a vacation so badly right now and I've never been to Myrtle Beach, it looks so gorgeous!!

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