A quick tour of my new house in Italy. It is made of stone so it should keep the heat in the winter and cold in the summer better than most. The owners also live right next door and they are so sweet! I will post a new video when I get all the furniture in it 🙂

16 thoughts on “MY HOUSE IN ITALY!”

  1. You moved the camera around so fast that I got too dizzy to enjoy your tour. If you record after it's furnished please go slower.

  2. the house looks great. the owner should have put a powder room on third floor. now, do you speak Italian or a good percentage of people speak English. what area is the house located in Italy. please forgive me, what was the approx are cost. Terry obrien

  3. Hi dear….. I m from foriegn country…. Actually i m looking for a house in italy to live in peace coz i m bored here…. My budget is $400k…. Can u help me dear…. I m a businessman and i need peace now… I can handle my complany from remote area ⚙ too

  4. Lovely new home! Except those stairs look steep, Good thing I wasn't filming it'll you be hearing my heavy breathing LOL. But still a pretty home!

  5. Your Grandma is right, it has great floors. Did you make another video after you moved in? if so, do you have a link to it? Hope you are happy in your home. Thank you for sharing it with us. L-L

  6. Erika, the house looks really neat. Great floors & so clean. Where are you getting furniture & are you in by yourself? Miss you but love hearing all about the move. Love, Grandma

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