Making Buildings for Billionaires in New York City | The New York Times

A new crop of ultra-luxurious New York high rises are vying to be the next hot “it” building and are attracting billionaires from nearby as well as abroad.

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Making Buildings for Billionaires in New York City

20 thoughts on “Making Buildings for Billionaires in New York City | The New York Times”

  1. Even though am a millionaire or billionaire I would no let my building go that high
    Don't wanna die when nature freaks out

  2. Not to sound like a hater but why spend all this money when nuclear war is around the corner and NYC is always the 1st target. You're better off spending this kind of money in Miami or some off grid island….

  3. I've never cared how the rich spend their money, they made it, they can spend it as they wish, people talk crap about how they spend their money, but i personally don't care, how are you spending your money? if you are spending it, and not looking at other ways to make money, then don't look down at people that have made it, or have been given it by their parents, isn't that the goal anyway? work hard so you're kids won't have to? 

  4. The buyer may need to have a short training of paracheting, just in case.  There must have a few parachetts in their apartments. In case of extremely emergency, they need to fly down to the ground.  Lesson from 9/11. 

  5. The people living in these building worked 10x harder then the people bitching in the comments have. So maybe its time you all start working hard and maybe you will be the one in the penthouse

  6. Who ever said poor people can't build a building?  Who ever said poor people will always be subject to their circumstance?  The mentality of people who think that the poor in the world are the direct cause of the rich are living an illusion.  People who think that poor people have no power are people who keep poor people in their place.  I look towards Antoni Gaudí, lived on the street, poor as poor, no home… look what this man did !!!!!!!!!!
    So, lets all be poor?  All be communists, where everyone gets a fair share but all live poorly, no room for creativity and expansion? 
    I love this building, love the architecture, the large rooms, it's gorgeous.
    I love NewYork's go go go attitude.  I love that there are people courageous enough to go up at those heights and build it.  That blows me away.  Those people are hero's in my books. If we stop new infrastructure the old will crumble, blow up, destroy a bridge, poison with mold.
    If anyone thinks the poor will inherit the earth, then teach them how to build one.
    Now get off complaining about the future, it has no choice but to come forth.

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