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http://LeadPropeller.com real estate investor websites are for house flippers and investors that want a professional web presence to capture motivated seller leads 24/7. Danny Johnson (FlippingJunkie.com and author of ‘Flipping Houses Exposed’), developed the sites so that other people flipping houses could have a house buying website like his. Most of his leads (thousands) have come from his website and now you can start getting leads as well.

LeadPropeller comes with a free domain name (of your choosing or use your own if you already own one that you want to use), provides monthly hosting with no contracts or setup fees, several beautiful, SEO-optimized templates to choose from, a super simple editor that allows you to customize and personalize your site, a basic backend database that allows you to keep track of and analyze your motivated seller leads, investor buyer information and website comments.

Danny has years of experience in ranking websites in the search engines and that experience went into making these real estate investor websites. His passion for house flipping and software development have come together to create these awesome websites.

Check them out at LeadPropeller.com

6 thoughts on “LeadPropeller.com – Real Estate Investor Websites”

  1. Is this site built on Word Press? From what I've seen, LP provides sleek looking sites; however, there was nothing mentioned about SEO, content packs for member sites…etc. I'd like to rank 1-4 organically with my site; is it possible with an LP built site? Thanks!

  2. Hi Danny–Site has been up for a few days. How do you have people check out your web site (drive traffic to it)? I put up I Buy Houses signs and those have been my primary marketing tool and have been very effective. Signs are too small to also put my web sit info on it–I think. Any suggestions on how a small town investor can get people to go to their web site? Thanks!

  3. Another question–I've always used conventional financing for my house deals. Do I need to be prepared to use a hard money lender? If so, I'm not sure how to go about doing this so I can deliver on want the web site says–buying the house fast.

  4. Can I change our domain name and edit the web site content at a later date? For example, if I enter the information, use it for a while, then decide later I want to make some changes–can we do that? Thanks!

  5. Danny — I didn't need to watch this to know that I will be signing up for this! The great experience you're always willing to share, the way you to try to help other investors, and the quality of your content–excellent! I can't wait to get our web site going!!!

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