Las Vegas Huge Underground House Girard Henderson Spa Guy #97

This video is The Spa Guy taking you to see the underground house built by Girard ” Jerry” Henderson that was high up in Avon.. Don’t forget to subscribe..

20 thoughts on “Las Vegas Huge Underground House Girard Henderson Spa Guy #97”

  1. My parents had the pop up device in our kitchen that was installed about 1972. Under the counter were the attachments that fit on it- a blender, dough kneader, etc.. always had to show my friends :). BTW, they bought it in Memphis, which is 100 miles from my hometown. I wonder if Elvis…???No, that would be TOO cool 🙂

  2. Henderson preferred to live down there as much as possible, in case of a nuclear strike, but once he died in 1983, the home went to his wife. When she passed away a few years later, it went to some relatives, who sold it to a buyer, who had the home foreclosed on. It was recently purchased for a cool $1.15 million by a mysterious group known as the Society for the Preservation of Near Extinct Species. Very little is known about this group.

    ~The Roadtrippers~

  3. Weird. I lived in vegas 78-85 and NOBODY had basements. They just didn't build them in Vegas, so to have a whole house underground is odd. Don't know if they now build basements.

  4. I do and I don't want to live there. Henderson passed in '83 inside the bunker and it obviously stayed frozen in probate time. The new owners are somewhat mysterious. Instant legal bordello is my guess.

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