“It’s Hard Getting Started in Real Estate Investing”

Obviously, I’m on Youtube so I get many comments from people much like yourself. One commenter said, “It’s hard getting Started in Real estate Investing” so I thought that comment needed a response! Keep in mind, it’s going to be difficult to invest in real estate if you don’t know how to analyze deals.

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20 thoughts on ““It’s Hard Getting Started in Real Estate Investing””

  1. People need to get out there and start marketing for deals, I see too many people spending months and months learning without implementing anything they learn.

  2. The problem with this video and others are your NOT telling people how to get started ! Your telling people to get a partner with financing and then  BUY into your system for help with buying property; WITH NO MONEY D O W N !  Therefore ( THERE IS NO WAY A PERSON CAN BUY REALESTATE WITH NO MONEY !  ) CAN YOU SAY SCAM !

  3. very good I'm glad I watched it…please take a look at some of my videos on my channel, I work in the Chicago area specifically with real estate investors

  4. I'm a 23 year old technician from Brooklyn who always dreamed of owning something. i discovered how easy real estate CAN BE and now I want to own everything lol I recently acquired a couple properties and your videos help me understand the benefits of business credit. This beginning "part" is nerve racking and this video in itself was very inspirational, I realized my fears are common. I trust my intelligence, I just need to follow through. my focus is detroit MI, and the tri-state area (if im lucky) It would be an honor to learn and work with you one day on a project or 2.

  5. thank you for sharing. the simplicity in your steps. I'm looking to work from home. mom of 5 , one in college and I want her to purchase homes. so we (my spouse and I ) need to be that example !!!

  6. I've been watching 100Percentfinanced for six months and I would partner with one or two of Juan Pablo's fan base. I started my own YouTube channel, look me up. I'm in the Bethlehem/Philadelphia area if anyone wants a meeting. Juan I'll be in Plainfield, NJ on August 7th the same day you're in NYC… I'll swing by your event around 3:00 I'm excited to finally meet up, thanks for all the great information you provide.

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