Investing in Rental Properties When Your Local Area is Too Expensive | BP Podcast 73

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to welcome back a repeat guest coming to us from The Los Angeles area!

We first met Mehran Kamari in the newbie podcast back on show 025, where he took us through the process of his first out-of-state deal, and… well, a lot has happened since then!

Since his last appearance, Mehran’s business has blown up – just completing the purchase of his 10th property!

In today’s show, Mehran teaches us how to successfully invest out-of-state when your local market is too expensive. He goes into detail on how to use BiggerPockets to find out-of-state partners, what due diligence you need to do, who you need on your team, how to overcome fear and much, much more!

If you are in a market where the numbers just don’t seem to work, then this Podcast is for you!

Check the show notes here:

5 thoughts on “Investing in Rental Properties When Your Local Area is Too Expensive | BP Podcast 73”

  1. These podcasts are great, but a little long. Any way we can get summaries of the key points? I'd love to learn but don't have that much time!

  2. I live in Ca but now I am investing out of state. I am also locating off market properties for other investors.  go to w ihavewholesalehomes dot com to get properties not on the mls and below value   most houses are in st Louis, Kansas city, Toledo. they are great cash flow markets

  3. I just want to thank you guys for these extremely informative podcast, my sister and I will be buying our first rental property soon . We are both young 21 and 22 but very ambitious. I have been doing a ton of research on real estate investing and understand that the answers and knowledge will come on the way.
    So thank you!

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