Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down | BiggerPockets Podcast #92

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What would you do if you didn’t need money to invest in real estate anymore?

Is there such a thing as Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down?

Can you really buy real estate without cash or credit?

That’s the question we tackle today on the BiggerPockets Podcast as we interview one of our own… Brandon Turner, to learn how he’s purchased over $2,000,000 of real estate with almost no money of his own! Brandon, although co-host on the BiggerPockets Podcast, is also an avid real estate investor who rarely-if-ever puts his own money into his deals. In this groundbreaking episode, Josh interviews Brandon about how he built his business using creativity rather than cash and the lessons that he learned along the way.

This episode will leave you inspired, refreshed, and with a laundry list of new ideas to use in your investing business to invest with less (or none) of your own cash!

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20 thoughts on “Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down | BiggerPockets Podcast #92”

  1. I'm older now & have 7 properties that I want to sell 2 of them. One of them needs work & I will be taking a big loss but just can't fix it up because health reasons. plus just can't find a honest contractor

  2. I keep seeing people talk about using resident managers. I would rather a pay a professional. Why not go with a management company?

  3. Didnt talk about how to prospect with for sellers with no money down, how to reach out to hard lenders, etc. partners, lease options, very poorly done!

  4. Have gotten nothing out of this already listened to 12minutes… have gotten nothing out of this
    Just his little bouncing everywhere stories
    Answer the topic guys lol

  5. I did matched betting it’s a great way to earn risk free money. There’s always a but though. To do matched betting you need money to ‘lay off’ a bet. For example you might have to lay off £300 just to make £10. But this is guaranteed profit. You have to go round signing up to betting sites and then proving your identity when you want to withdraw. I did make around £200 but got bored because of the lack of decent sign up bonuses

  6. contents insuranceWe all know how much money there is in property, but on the surface (with house prices as high as they are) you might be thinking this market is off-limits.

  7. Hey. This is a great video. For people who are first starting off, if we want to shop around partnership opportunities, who carries the costs over the duration of the loan? Like the taxes and monthly payments? Also, can you speak to finding the right partner if your dad isn't able to support you?

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