Investing in Real Estate for Cash flow : How to Quit Your Job with Cashflowing Investment Properties

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Matt McKeever is a CPA, CA and Real Estate Entrepreneur in London, Ontario. On this YouTube Channel Matt will walk the viewer through how to invest in real estate using such strategies as the BRRRR method while also documenting his personal experience as a real estate investor. Matt began investing in real estate at age 25 by purchasing a student rental near Fanshawe College. In 2016 he’s acquired over 25 unit and in 2017 acquired over 25 units.

FIREpreneur: A person who has reached (lean) FIRE and uses this freedom as a springboard to operate a business or organization, taking on no significant risk (due to lean FIRE).

As well on this channel Matt will share his personal monthly spending and discuss the strategies and tactics needed to reach financial independence (retire early) at a young age. We’ll discuss such topics as safe withdrawal rates, how to build passive income streams and how to reduce your personal consumption.

18 thoughts on “Investing in Real Estate for Cash flow : How to Quit Your Job with Cashflowing Investment Properties”

  1. I don't know why anyone would come here to bash the guys and girls who are showing viewers how they can do exactly what Dylan, Matt, Kellen (sp?) and others are doing to reach FI. This was a great video.

  2. What next are you looking to buy Dylan? Are you considering larger multi-family if the financing come in?

  3. Love the videos! Keep them coming! Thanks Dylan for being a guest. Where are you finding these awesome deals? I'm starting to invest in London as well (working on 2nd property), but have been just working off of the MLS.

  4. Great job Dylan! I too want cash flow so that I can experiment with other ventures, let us know how those future endeavors go, will you? We would be interested in hearing more. Cheers

  5. Hey Question for you, so what happens when the interest rate hikes come along and now you have a bunch of properties tenanted and you won't be able to cover your costs anymore. New Ontario laws will not allow you to raise rent based on capital expenditure. You also cannot sell the property to an investor and have them raise the rent either (new Ontario laws). would that not cause a domino effect in your portfolio and sink everything ? keeping in mind, trying to get possession for personal use will now require you to A) Give your tenant 1 month's rent to move out and B) you now have to use the property for minim 6 months before you could sell or you'll be liable provide compensation. Would like to hear what your thoughts are.

  6. Hey guys. Been watching a lot of your videos. Great work! Big motivation for me. One question… so iv saved a bunch of money…in your opinion would it be best to try to buy a property with no mortgage or buy 2 or 3 property's with 20% down amortized over 30 years? Im trying to not work and have that financial freedom. Lol help a brother out

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