How To Start Retirement Investing In Real Estate?

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16 thoughts on “How To Start Retirement Investing In Real Estate?”

  1. Dave talks like the Real Estate Bubble bursting was a result of the guy's real estate ineptitude, and the "ride" of the Real Estate crash was caused by him getting mortgages for those properties.

    Housing trends are historically a steady investment… if there was no housing bubble created, which caused a crash… it would have had the normal steady trend. Debt for investment property is different than personal housing debt. I'm not saying there are no risks or ups and downs, but generally, if done right, leveraging money through a loan…. the rental income pays the properties own debt.

    Buying property in cash, and no debt, is safe, it is smart, but there are much higher returns when leveraging debt.

    You can set up investment property to pay off the loans through a snowballing effect. Let's say you have $100,000… you can buy one house for $100,000 and make a decent amount of cash flow, or you can put $20,000 for 5 houses… you then rent those houses out to cover the mortgages and expenses, and produce some profit… you take the profit from all 5 units, and you pay down the first house's mortgage… then once that is owned free and clear you do the same for the second house, but now you have all the pure profit from the first house going into the pot… then the second house gets paid off and you move on to the third house and so on and so on and so on… they all get paid off exponentially, and in the end you have 5 properties completely paid off… bringing in cash flow.

  2. I wonder what Dave would say about REIT stocks, things tied to rent (especially now that interest rates are slowly going to rise) sounds like a good investment. Pretty hard to say no to something like a CCP or BXMT at 8%+ dividend alone.

    Personally I've not found a mutual fund yet that in real numbers is going to hit 8% for the year, NOMIX is is doing OK, as is BALFX – but not 8%.

  3. listen to you on the radio and now on here what would you suggest for a young late 20s married couple i want to start building a retirement plan for us mainly on the wife's side right now she can do a 401k but I'm not sure if that would be the best way to go in the long run for retirement money to live on in 20 plus years

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  5. Should I cash out the TSP that I have $30,000 in and apply it to the mortgage to taking it down to 100,000. or should I just continue to pay extra on the principle each month, the sooner the mortgage is paid off the sooner I can start throwing the 4000. into saving and mutual funds. Like this guy I am 51 and way behind in retirement funds.

  6. Dang I'm ten years younger, make 1/3 of what he does, and am in MUCH better financial shape than this guy making three times my salary.

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