How to show rental properties without the hassle

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12 thoughts on “How to show rental properties without the hassle”

  1. Since we only have one rental…Its not a big hassle to do private showings. We prefer to get face time with the potential tenant, definitely can get a better "feel" for people this way. Also, we pack the viewings into one day,

  2. Feel like lock box should be used only when things are too busy and times dont match up for either party. But if you are able to go, you should it at least someone there.

    Love the idea but It should be your secondary way not first so you can meet them.

  3. i put NO DOGS in all my adds and they still ask when they show up..its always he does not bite and is friendly etc.. what part of no dogs do people not get?

  4. I have 7 rental units
    4 are are houses with basement apts.
    I had all units key'd the same, and basements key'd the same. I only have to carry two keys, if they lose keys I charge $20 and always have copies available.
    Some say change locks when tenants move, but in 10 years never had a problem. The only ppl who know is me, you, and my locksmith

  5. Don't think I would rent to, or from someone that I didn't personally meet. Also surprised you didn't mention scheduling several viewings on the same day.

  6. We've started to use electronic locks rather than lockboxes, with regular code changes. To show we require info + copy of driver's license, trying to get it all automated.

  7. I use lock boxes,I make people send me a picture of their driver license & a picture of their car tag before I give the code..

  8. I love the idea of eliminating the time it takes to drive out and show properties, however, what makes it so I can't get myself to do it any other way is because I feel that meeting them and talking with them in person tells me much more than even a credit check does. There are certain mannerisms, comments, hygiene, etc. that many times have told me I don't want to rent to them that I would have never picked up on just through a credit check, for example.

    I'm not saying it can't be done, that's just where I'm at with the concept in my mind.

    Thank you for your excellent content

  9. I would suggest using electronic locks on your front doors and not worrying about keys period. I do not issue keys, I setup codes. I have never had an issue in 8 years.

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