How to Replace a $70,000 a Year Salary with Real Estate Investments and Rental Property

What if you could replace your 9-5 job, your $70,000 salary, with rental property income? I’ve done it and it’s pretty simple to do if you stick to this formula and take action. I’m Clayton Morris, the president of Morris Invest, and In this video I’m going to show you a simple system for replacing your $70,000 a year salary with passive rental property income.

One piece of this puzzle is ‘private money’ and there is NO better teacher of how to find private money than Susan Lassiter Lyon’s. Her private money course is remarkable. Here is a link to sign up for Susan Lassiter Lyon’s amazing Private Money course. It is a game changer. Here is the link.

If you’re interested in the Freedom Cheatsheet. You can download it for free right here:




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20 thoughts on “How to Replace a $70,000 a Year Salary with Real Estate Investments and Rental Property”

  1. I live in a market where homes go on sale for an average of 800k give or take, what do you recommend for market conditions like these? Would outsourcing the property management to a firm be ideal as I don’t live in or near a housing market like this? lots of mixed opinions on situations like this. Would love to hear yours. Thanks.

  2. One very important thing this man failed to mention, property taxes on properties the owner does not live in, are doubled, example I live in my house and pay $ 2000 taxes the 2nd house I wanna rent would cost me $4000 in property taxes a year, guess what noooooot worth the headache

  3. $914,000 USD…wait a minute! the houses that you are buying for 45000 that are in need of rehab, you need to have cash. Banks will not loan you money. and private money is going to be 10-12%. so to buy those 8 houses at 45,000 that will cost … wait then you said after expenses you would need 14 houses. ok, 14 x 45,000 plus rehab costs. say what…. 20k per house? 14 homes at 65000 will cost you $914,000.

  4. Clayton, my friend is a home owner and his bank sent him in the mail advertising using a HELOC. He wants to use it to pay off his CC, car, and money he owes to ex wife. I'm trying to convince him to use the roughly 91k that he will have available to him to buy property from your turn key company. What are the best videos that I could show him to would convince him that working with you is the better option? Or do you think he should pay off the debts first?

  5. My parents were in the crane business for 25+ years. They would buy a crane with their money and lease it back to their business which was incorporated for passive income. When my bother was 18 he had a friend who's dad owned railroad box cars and would lease them to a different companies for passive income. Moral of the story there is more to passive income than crappy rental property.

  6. you gotta work in a city to make good salary and live like a homeless person and then buy properties in otther states like south carolina where houses are cheap and then you rent it out… thats what im doing,…living in bronx..1k rent and buying properties outside NY and renting it out. ( I also work in NYC making 70+) plus so yeah.

  7. get a peaceful life by not investing in real estate !

    instead invest in products offered by banks.

    or payoff your own home mortage fast.

  8. this only works if you get 14 houses from your dad or something. realistically normal person would have to take multiple mortgages to even get to 5 houses. Only reason to do this is is to let your tenants pay your mortgage and eventually after like 20 years own 5 houses. then u can keep renting for profit or sell them and buy yourself a sick lambo

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