How To Prepare To Buy Your First Real Estate Investment?

Getting started with real estate investing? You’ve come to the right video. Stephen Michael Miller answers the question “Do I need a secure full time job to do real estate investing?” and he’s come up with things you need to keep in mind:

1. Money
2. Credit
3. Education/knowledge
4. Networking/relationships

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17 thoughts on “How To Prepare To Buy Your First Real Estate Investment?”

  1. How about a video that goes through what saving should look like for someone with 4 dependents making $120,000 a year living in CA ? Cause that's me and that would be cool .

  2. How can i find the actual value that a property is worth to see the diference with the price that the property is selling for.

  3. Kris and Stephen! Important question (at least to me). When you have one or many investment properties, when is the best time to get out??
    I’m sure it’s important to have an Exit Strategy. If the property is cash flowing nicely with or without great equity, when do you sell?? Thanks guys

  4. Great points Stephen. Hey, you mention getting educated as a foundation in getting started in real estate. What do you recommend a total newbie or intermediate student to real estate to start looking into? For example, does a newbie start to learn the terminology ie. what is a lease option, rent to own, etc. or is there more in-depth knowledge that a newbie would need in order to start building that foundation? What sites or books would you recommend for both a newbie and an intermediate student of real estate? TIA, love the channel, keep it coming. 🙂

  5. Can u guys make a video and or video series where u find an investment home and you show us your investment from beginning till the end???

  6. Guys I am trying to contact you since last 4 days from your website contact info. No one replies. Please get some concern on this.

  7. I never got my questions answered. Last time i ask something.
    Can you make over 300k every month with real estate? Is it possible?

  8. I was just wondering if yall had ever thought about doing a small inspection house walk through and point out some details of the home that would be fine to buy with or even point out some that would be a no go. Just a thought love yalls channel! watch constantly.

  9. I’m 17 and when I’m 18 I have the choice of buying an apartment building that has 5 separate “rooms” would you say, now the apartments clears 17,000 a year. They want 40,000 for the building. 3/5 tenants are iffy about the rent. Now I would have to get a loan to buy because they don’t want to rent it to me or rent to own. Now once I’m stable I could kick the tenants out or change things around but I have a job that makes about 7,000 a year. Would this be a wise investment.

  10. Can you please make a video on the pros and cons of refinancing a mortgage vs. getting an equity loan/ line of credit, and which one you would recommend? Thanks

  11. Question for you guys. I have a great credit score (770s) because I signed on to my mom's credit card as a registered user. But I don't have the history as you were talking about. To get a credit card, do I need credit history from something like a car lone or would the score be good enough to get started?

  12. I remember when this channel had 5k subscribers . thats when I sterted watching this channel I was 18 now im 21 and got 2 duplex in Illinois chicago suburbs

  13. The prob for us in Algeria is mentorship, college students are unaware of real estate market which means we have no idea if it works the same way it does for you.

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