How To Invest In Real Estate…

Monday Oct. 1 2016 Vlog: Cole Hatter was over at my house. We were laying out a new real estate investment course I’m building. Played a little basketball against Alex (he needs some time haha). He’s the CEO of the new I invested in and helped launch. Then headed to BOA steakhouse with Zack and then trying to find a good place to go out to on Sunset Blvd.

20 thoughts on “How To Invest In Real Estate…”

  1. im coming after I get this ecommerce and software money hahaha. Real estate not going anywhere. I can buy property now but Ill wait a bit longer. Not in a rush honestly.

  2. The real estate investment course is so horrible it wasn't even worth the $3 I paid for it on EBay. Which in case anyone didn't know. You can get all of Tai Lopez's courses on eBay for $3. Not that they're are worth it…

  3. I signed up for Tai's SMMA course and I'm super excited about it! This dude gives out some of the realest info out there to be honest. After I got out of the military I didn't know what the hell I was gonna do with myself because transitioning back to civilian life was tough but I did know that I wanted to have my own business where I could watch my kids grow while still make more profit than a 9-5. I'm happy to say that I'm about to take the next step in entrepreneurship thanks to Tai!

    Not sure if anybody noticed but Tai closed registration for the course but he re-opened it at basically half the price that's how I was able to afford it! I actually shared the video I saw on facebook with the link on my page. Everybody complains that $1,000 is too much so it doesn't surprise me actually.

  4. how can i work for you? i want to learn more from you, i'm hungry its been really hard to me trying to realize what to do.

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