How to get full access to the MLS (FREE) without becoming a real estate agent.

UPDTATE…. I Have Finally Opened Up My Coaching Program To New Students. Go To to apply. This is just a short video on how you can get full access to the multiple listing service in your area without becoming a real estate agent. It is a very simple concept but surprisingly few investors I have spoken to knew about it. For a free copy of the Real Estate Investors Guide To Guerrilla Marketing go to

19 thoughts on “How to get full access to the MLS (FREE) without becoming a real estate agent.”

  1. There’s no way I’m giving my login info to an unlicensed assistant. You all can run the risk of getting fined and losing your membership, but I’m not.

  2. If anyone is wondering how long it takes to actually become an agent, it took me 28 days to study an online course and pass the state exam. Probably in under a week I will be with a brokerage and pay for MLS access and have it all myself, not depending on anyone else. It also was all very inexpensive.

  3. how do you analyze an entired market? like if you want to analyze a county . what is your best aproach to that?

  4. For those with licenses, it is important to stay compliant. To all those without licenses, it is easy to say that the realtors are being uptight. If so, are any investors caught ready to pony up the fine that is incurred. We say it is no big deal because no one goes to jail for it. But if someone did their opinion might change. I prefer to have my own license to check all the info myself. This also gives a lot more referral business which means more houses to invest in and sell which is what you want in the first place. Isn't making money what this is all about anyway?

  5. BTW : – "Assistant Fees: $25 MLS Initiation Fee plus $100 Annual Fee Per Seat. Please remit MLSListings Schedule of Fees along with your application."

  6. I am Investor’s friendly agent in South Florida and Investor myself, I understand what’s Investor’s needs are in regards of Property Search as well as ROI. Also, when you’re working with many investors it’s unrealistic to be able to be constantly do Property Search because it’s very time consuming. By ethical rules and regulations Agents not allowed to give access to MLS to someone unlicensed and even can be given a $1000 fine. However Investors that I work with using my mobile app where they can put different filters based on property type, location, size and etc. For Comps they can even search on closed sales in that particular area. Ask your local realtor for sending you the MLS mobile app link.
    That’s how it is looks like in South Florida. Good luck!
    Open my app in your mobile browser by clicking this link:

  7. Not sure why anyone would take advice from someone like this who wants you to access an MLS account without paying for it, which is copyright infringement, and an MLS can take legal action against you. Take your biz advice from someone else!

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  9. Unethical advice begets unethical results.  Hire a professional and let them do their job. Good luck to those who won't listen to my advice.

  10. the first answer after 4 minutes of bla bla, and then recommending something over that the Realtor would loose his/her license. What a bs

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