How to Find and Analyze a Rental Property

Brandon Turner, co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, show’s you step by step how to find and analyze a rental property!

(Facebook Live Recording 2.20.17)

19 thoughts on “How to Find and Analyze a Rental Property”

  1. Another option for planning for retirement is to schedule your payoff to occur in your late 50' or early 60's. Then at retirement, you are cashflowing the full amount without the costs to service the loan.

  2. I bank with Navy Federal and they said they don't offer FHA loans for anything over a duplex… I was under the impression you could get an FHA on UP TO a QUADPLEX. What's this all about?

  3. Thank you Brandon!!! I am learning so much from you and Josh. I love the videos. You are helping me to Be inspired. Think big. Take action . A month ago I closed my first rental property since I started watching you guys. Cheers for many more to come. Claudia B.

  4. Dude why are people bashing this??? This is FREE information! Anyways good job! I truly enjoyed this and it's truly very informative!!! I will be watching a few more times to get all the details, thank you! Will be looking forward to your webinars too!

  5. screw this, it's so amateur and goofy how in hell does he expect me to take him seriously. barely got thru 6 minutes before it became agony. Stop padding your videos with inane BS to make them longer, no one cares if your shirt is comfortable. Edit these videos pls, YOU MAKE VIDEOS, so you should know how to edit them!! Live is one thing, uploaded is another. i'm outta here. huge fail

  6. $100 dollars a month in cash flow – the Sub30k crew and BP really are on different pages – I just can't argue that being okay….You can't depend on market appreciation (especially with rising interest rates after 20 years of artificially low interest rates and exponential price increases), but the thing is – someone who has a LOT of money is okay with that return, but when you don't have half a million in the stock market making 3% (and you're a lot more humble in pockets like myself), you just can't always play the game any other way than the lower priced rental markets. However, I get it – some of these neighborhoods make a lot of investors VERY nervous, so its not for everyone! Where are the BP articles on flipping or wholesaling or multifamilies – missing those.

  7. I know this may be a stupid question. But, how much money do you think I will need to get in and buy my first forclosed multifamily. Just curious and should I right away start a LLC being the fact I own my home I'm living in now?

  8. Thank you for your informative videos Brandon. It is very helpful when you go through and analyze a deal while talking through your thought process. This video could be even better with higher quality video and audio so that we can see what you see on your screen. Good video!

  9. @Micheal Bowling. ..Tbe repair $$$ is combined with the purchase price when you do the calculations for the property rewatch the the video Dude! pay attn.

  10. Forget investing in real estate, far more profitable to move to washington and sell crack to brandon turner. Not to mention the great tax incentives (there is none!)

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