How to calculate Return on Investment

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Thanks for checking out this video! A Question i get asked all the time is….

Why should i invest into Real Estate.

The answer that your will video out if you check out in this video is that rental properties are not only a great investment if you do it right!

They can become a passive income that your can replace your current income with or stay at your day job and build your wealth on the side for an early retirement!

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Not only will i teach you the RIGHT kind of property to look for, but i’ll also teach you how to create a positive cash flow. With our wealth plan we look at your net worth and set a goal to INCREASE net worth before retirement! You can click this link and your current financial situation and set your financial goals and see how your net worth can grow using REAL investment properties!

My main goal when i started this was to create a system that would give you FINANCIAL FREEDOM through an investment that gives you double digit returns. I don’t charge you a dime to learn this my system! We will help you find the right homes to start growing your WEALTH!

18 thoughts on “How to calculate Return on Investment”

  1. I like it. it was a simplest way to understand how evaluate any investment.
    kindly can u elaborate with example. haw we can caculate this ROI in case we have only down payment with 25% out of total price with interest rate 8% of total financing . considering the price of property is 100 K $ . and furniture cost about 5k& . and total years of investment is 10 years

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