How To Buy Real Estate In Another State

Do you want to know where the hottest markets are right now? Are you thinking about how you can invest out of state? This series is for you. Kris has come up with videos focusing on each hottest market for this 4-part series.

To be successful in nationwide investing, it all comes down to knowing the best and hottest markets to invest in and having the right team and infrastructure. What makes a market hot anyway? Here are the 3 factors to look at:

1. Population
2. Economy
3. Cost of living

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Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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11 thoughts on “How To Buy Real Estate In Another State”

  1. Kris almost 30 want to become a full time investor what are some good city’s I can relocated to live in Orange County,CA

  2. Kris I've been watching you talk about real estate for the past year, but I wanna know the name of the business you had or have regarding your actual real estate. I never hear of the company, just examples of what happened in the company.

  3. I was trying to borrow from my personal home. i owe 164,500 i checked different apps like Zillow and realtor it shows my home value at 204,500.

  4. Hey Chris i have been watching your videos. I have been learning a lot on how to buy homes. I want to try and start getting in to real estate. I went to the bank to day to try and get a HLOC and they told me i was not able to. Reason being was " I do not have the 80 percent of home equity.

  5. Great Video Chris – I know Morris Invest does a lot of turn key in Indianapolis. Buy -> Rehab – Rent -> Refinance -> Repeat. I'm looking to get started both in state and out of state, use the instate one to get something closer, but at the same time take advantage of growing cities.

  6. Can't wait for you to do the video in Orlando! That's the market I want to be in and hopefully will by December

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