How to Buy Multifamily Real Estate without Cash or Credit

Starting out, I didn’t have money for a 20% down payment and I had bad credit that prevented me from getting into real estate aka multifamily real estate at that. However, as long as you understand the power of creative financing, then you can leverage yourself into multifamily real estate without cash or credit.

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20 thoughts on “How to Buy Multifamily Real Estate without Cash or Credit”

  1. Multi family? No way, if I buy that bag of property I want it all to myself and my family alone

    Oh yes, even if you do land something without cash or credit, remember someone must pay for it eventually and that someone is you because it will come out of your pocket

  2. This confused me half way through but I still took notes.. Structuring deals is not something you can learn in a few days that's for sure. I'm just going to focus on get business credit and expanding that. I don't wanna get too creative and mess something up lol

  3. Good video, that is an interesting point you made about finding a realtor who mainly deals with Multi-unit properties. I'm definitely going to have to watch this again.

  4. Bro stop sucking your teeth when you speak, it's very annoying. It makes me not want to listen to you. Work on that please or you will turn a lot of people off.

  5. So I have a couple questions. What if you want to do you first deal in residential multi family like a duplex, triplex, or fourplex? Is there a 100 percent finance method for this? I know Brandon Turner from BiggerPockets preaches the "house hacking" method when you live in one unit and rent the other or others out so you can potentially live rent free, but does the 100 percent finance method work in residential multi family if you were to house hack? Also, let's say you do a commercial multi family deal and everything goes smoothly with the 100 percent financing method; a few years down the road the property appreciates and now you have some equity in the property, does all that equity belong to you or do you split it with your partner?

    Thanks, Juan Pablo!

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