How Rising Interest Rates and MASSIVE DEBT Will Destroy the Canadian Real Estate Market!



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19 thoughts on “How Rising Interest Rates and MASSIVE DEBT Will Destroy the Canadian Real Estate Market!”

  1. Despite what the mainstream media told you, we are in CRISIS MODE. There hasn't been in a time in history when this much debt has been utilized. But here we are. Most people will point and say "Look! nothing happened. See?" But what happens when interest rates ride just a little. Suddenly the entire market tumbles. Oops. Now we do have a problem.

    What do you think?

  2. David, here is a question for you:
    I wholeheartedly agree with the points you are bringing up, you are backing them up with facts.
    The issue I have is… in 2007/08, this was a surprise for most people and maybe even the govts. In 2018, this information is out there, even the mainstream media is publishing that debt levels are insane, unsustainable , etc. The govt knows this and slowly they are trying to back away by implementing new mortgage qualification rules, etc. Do you think they will really allow things to meltdown this time, because I think the problems are very well known?
    I think, the best solution would be a meltdown/reset, but I just can't wrap my head around the govt allowing this to happen… simply because it would be disastrous with current levels of debt.
    I'm curious to your opinion, we all know a big meltdown "should" happen, but will it? Will it be allowed to occur without huge QE, huge printing, huge manipulation of the system.
    I don't even know how they could manipulate it further but I'm sure they have ideas like QE that none of use can fathom.

  3. Phase 1. Let in millions of immigrants, forcing up property prices so that the Canadians can't afford to buy homes in their own country;
    Phase 2. Raise taxes on the Canadians to fund healthcare, housing, and schools for said immigrants;
    Phase 3. Canadians, faced with high taxes, and expensive housing, can't afford to have children. Provide free abortions to speed up the process;
    Phase 4. Point out that Canadians have fewer children, thus necessitating the acceptance of millions more immigrants.

  4. Now how did Canada get to this state…its been going on for decades now, massive government growth, debt…public sector parasites destroying our country,,,greed, greedy, greedy scum bags…see below.

    Quebec is ripping off the country, right, left and center… The hydro scam, the tuition scam, the dairy scam, the phony bilingual (french) government jobs/hiring scam (only outside Quebec) …the day care scam, the phony equalization scam (money laundering)…the list is so long in regards to how Quebec is ripping off Canada, i don't know where to begin. They run Quebec (french only, bills 22, 178, 101…), they control Ottawa…they funnel money all over the place…we will never know how much money has been funneled into Quebec since Trudeau, Lalonde and his gang of anti – English language, anti – BNA bigots from Quebec arrived in Ottawa…sadly the truth will never come out…why? The system is now corrupt to the core, from the top down, and the bottom up, just like in Quebec. Their "state run" Hydro company is giving a 40% subsidy for cheaper rates which in turn means the government needs more transfer payments from the rest of Canada. And the aggravating part of it is its NO SECRET. Even prominent well respected people like Danny Williams have made light of this. Go watch the clips of him explaining how much the French are destroying, ripping off the country…its title is – Danny Williams "outs" Quebec (below) Wake up folks, they are the most racist, bigoted, xenophobic (bills 22, 178, 101…) not to mention, corrupt and crooked the core people in all of North America. Forcing the French language all over the country, while banning ours…the french are the parasites of this nation, inside and outside of Quebec…Watch the Youtube clips for proof.

    Enjoy the facts of where the Transfer Payments go,

    , the total amount of Equalization Transfers between 1957-2013:

    Province Amount received % of the total

    Quebec $168,842 million (or $168.8B) 50.75
    Manitoba $ 40,413 million (or $40.4B) 11.91
    Nova Scotia $ 38,427 million (or $38.4B) 11.32
    New Brunswick $ 37,753 million (or $37.8B) 11.12
    Nfld. & Lab. $ 25,095 million (or $25.1B) 7.39
    Ontario $ 9,949 million (or $9.95B) 2.93
    PEI $ 8,101 million (or $8.10B) 2.39
    Saskatchewan $ 8,138 million (or $8.14B) 2.40
    B.C. $ 2,556 million (or $2.56B) .75
    Alberta $ 90 million (or $0.09B) .03

    TOTAL $339,364 million (or $339.36B) 99.99

  5. It's always a fantastic investment buying an old garbage home 60+ years that really needs demolishing but people pay over $1.4 million then renovate like new kitchen, paint etc, but the foundations/structure still crap. LOL

  6. Thanks for the video, The fat cat knowns just a stalling tactic to sell to the middle class investor before sell off

  7. Great work, I am a builder and Real Estate agent and have been saying the same for the last year..nobody listens, nobody believes..we have it too good in the GTA…

  8. Those are asking prices and a lot of people don't get that. Asking price is not selling price, 10-15% wiggle room used to be normal and now I can see that percentage creeping up. Quite often sellers are talked into those high asking prices by their realtors. Rriiiiiiiiiight, because their cut is based on a percentage.

  9. The N.I.N.J.A. loans up in Canada are all Pakis and Punjabs in Brampton and Mississauga. Believe you me lending money to these race of people is far worse than lending money to the black race. Last time the housing market imploded in the GTA from September 1987 to March 1990 era all the immigrants went back home.

  10. Rising interest rates will correct the artificially created real estate price inflation, not destroy it.
    Artificially created low interest rates is anti free markets and a socialist policy used to save big corporations from losses while punishing savers , pensioners and new familes with no return on their savings and higher real estate prices and a loss of purchasing power as the dollar will buy less and less as time goes on.

    GPS, you are stuck in cognitive dissonance loop.

    Demand higher interest rates and an end to saving the rich.

    The title of your video should be,
    " Higher interest rates will correct real estate prices and increase your purchasing power"

  11. It appears that the Central Banking Cabal has decided to become like Bank of Japan. Everything will be owned by Central banks bought with printed unbacked fiat.

  12. Wow. People are spending a million on a house and just $200 more a month could crush them? Those people are idiots and deserve what is about to come.

  13. Raising the interest rate is a tool the rulers have to create a crisis.
    Money vanishes and a crisis take place.
    Or you think it happens out of nothing?
    Those things are always fabricated.

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