How Real Estate Investor Ned Spieker Became a Billionaire ep.084
If Ned Spieker is a typical billionaire real estate mogul, then the path to success isn’t what you might expect. According to Spieker, it’s not about being an autocrat, but being a servant, not creating a hierarchy, but sharing responsibility, and not about wanting it all, but starting small and working very hard. Serendipity, Spieker admits, plays a big part, but that’s out of our hands regardless. It often takes a little luck to get past seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But in the meantime we have to lay the groundwork that effectively loads the dice in our favor.

1. When you’re going through difficult episodes they’re crises; but in hindsight they’re blips.
2. Self esteem is earned; you can’t give it.
3. Good leaders eat last: when you serve your people and build trust they will work harder and smarter as a result.

Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Panel: Joe De Sena, Johnny Waite, Sefra & Col. Tim Nye
Audio Post Engineer – Team Podcast
Synopsis – Matt Baatz
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9 thoughts on “How Real Estate Investor Ned Spieker Became a Billionaire ep.084”

  1. This guy really gave me a wake up call, too many times I have lacked self-disciplin. I totally agree that is the most important thing, his story resonated with me, specially if you grow up without the parents pushing you or you dont have any parental guidance, you sort of sit back and rest on your laurels..

  2. Self esteem has to be earned, giving someone a million dollars is a tragedy. …love it. I do want to point out though that for many people 5a-6p is not a work life balance. I am up by 5a but I need to get the kids ready and on the bus. And it's nice to be home for dinner, but someone needs to cook it. Plus I want to be there for homework, and sports. And my entire family works out. My solution is to work hard for the 8-9 hours I'm there, but sometimes you can't give more time and keep a balance.

  3. I started w nada in real estate at 18. Lost all of my 2 million hard earned dollars and properties in the crash of 2008. I got sick and almost died in 2005, had 2 daughters w life threatening illnesses in 2012 and am now on my way back up because of the work ethic my parents instilled in me as a kid. Great interview guys!

  4. Awesome episode! Def one of my fav's so far! Take out's from this episode such as, "whatever you do, do that as well as you can", "servant as leader, to be a good leader you should really be a servant…"

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