How I Made $48,000 Profit Reselling A Condo | Real Estate Investing

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19 thoughts on “How I Made $48,000 Profit Reselling A Condo | Real Estate Investing”

  1. good on you brother, you are such a great soul. love your vids, consistency (2/3 uploads a day! lol) and quality content. blessings

  2. Hey ricky can you please start a real estate coures!!!! Please or just do a beginner video just like this one i cabt find any good videos on youtube your the best

  3. I agree Ricky. In Indiana, I own American Property Management, LLC and APM Real Estate. Owned my own Real Estate brokerage since 1994. This industry is very lucrative!

  4. I watched Graham’s videos a year ago and I found you on his channel… now I’m 18 and heavily into the LPP course doing the year plan hahaha CUDDOS TO GRAHAM for suggesting your channel!

  5. Dude ur very very helpful it's much appreciated, very relatable, and transparent it's very rare and like I said much appreciated, theres a lot to learn ! Thanks

  6. Holy shit. When I heard you did telecommunications at 19 and made 45 to 60K with commission, that's exactly the stage I'm at in life. I'm going to go back and re-watch all your videos. Thank you for the advice.

  7. I did the same thing, but took 9 years (lived there for 7).
    Leverage was maximum.

    entry $27,000 (foreclosure)
    exit $85,001
    HOA dues approx $17.7k.
    Taxes $4.5k
    Rent avoidance – $67.2k+. ($800/mo avg – probably higher now)
    Up-front capital, $500.00 earnest money.

    Expense – 49.7k
    Gain – $152.2k
    Net – $102.5k (considering rent avoidance)

    The trick to getting a loan like this is to have the income to support it and find something that will appraise for 120% of the asking price by the bank's appraiser of choice. The tax assessor sometimes has a website you can use to validate the sales history and tax value.

  8. Hi Ricky!! Keep the good work going bud!! you are an inspiration to us all, also I wanted to mention that you are doing a great job regarding the haters … that's the way to go , keep building that thick skin and let them be jealous immature and ignorant meanwhile we go forward with our learning and positive input from you, they will slowly consume themselves and will forever be wretches

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