How I bought my first rental property at 21 years old

By popular demand, here is exactly how I bought my first rental property. Everything from how I made my money, how and why I saved it, why I wanted to invest in real estate, what type of home I wanted to buy, what area I bought in…everything. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for watching! Feel free to add me on Snap/Instagram: GPStephan

If you’re the TL;DR type:

-Started working as a Realtor in 2008
-Saved the majority of my income from 2008 until 2011/2012
-I noticed real estate become very cheap and I wanted a stable source of income
-I bought the first property for almost $60,000
-Renovated it – and rented it out
-Continued saving as much as I could
-Continued buying more rental properties in 2012
-Continued working as a Realtor
-Bought another property in Summer 2016
-Continued working as a Realtor

Enjoy 🙂

19 thoughts on “How I bought my first rental property at 21 years old”

  1. 30k in your first year working is fantastic!! As an 18 year old in my country, you could probably bring home about $3k yearly…

  2. You were at the right time in the financial crisis: With the necessary amount of money to benefit from the devalued real state properties retook and hold by crooked banks. Law of attraction. Great job!

  3. You got into an investment (RE) at a good time. Buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. But the 7 year year cycle is almost up and I think you should seriously think about selling a property or 2 {the ones with mortgages?}. Next year when the next crash happens it is gonna be the MOAB – stocks, bonds , real estate and cryptos.

  4. We both have similar Storyline, i started out in real estate in 18 im 19 now had a few sales and im planning of building my first rental unit next year

  5. +GrahamStephan, I'm glad you aren't coming here with some Keale Kanae-style fake-ass story and that you acknowledge the part that good luck played in your success! Thanks for always keeping it real!

  6. Hey Graham! How do your tenants pay you? Do you go in person and collect the rent in cash or check? or they pay you with an online payments system? whats the best way tenants should pay the rent to you and why? how do you pick your tenants? Thanks for the help Graham!

  7. 18 years old, $30ish grand a year. 20 years old , just over $100 grand a year??? WHAT THE F*CK?? how? that is so impressive, is this normal for real estate? although I know you arent normal, you strive unlike any others, just damn that is crazy.

  8. I was In the process of buying my first Rental property at 17, I had an investor willing to do a "Under The table" Deal since she trusted me and we became good friends, unfortunately i had to back out when it got broken into and vandalized for the 3rd time.

  9. Few questions, Graham:
    1: What do you do if it's a seller's market?
    2: Should we just wait until the economy crashes again? (Seems like it's a cycle)
    3: If you have a home and a rental property, which one would you focus on paying off early first?

  10. been on YouTube and online for a few good years now, so much crap about "making money online" and all that
    first time when I see valuable information handed over in such easy to get and FOR FREE…
    kudos to Graham. this guy is going to be the next Warren buffet

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