How I Bought a 18 unit Apartment Building With No Money Out of Pocket

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20 thoughts on “How I Bought a 18 unit Apartment Building With No Money Out of Pocket”

  1. Good video and content, but does it bother anyone else how he takes those wired pauses like he needs something to drink? he should work on that..haha

  2. Matt, thank you for posting this video to discuss how you got started and got the 18 unit. How did you meet or have relationships with the investors who came from outside your family circle to be passive investors?

  3. I once knew a man who gave an apartment complex to each of his kids.. They each made a living in each complex, in the end.. Definitely a money maker, for somebody willing to put in the work, and keep it going..

  4. Great video but I have a question, how do you depreciate the apartment building, and if that brings a plus to your cash flow.

  5. For an apartment building of this size, do you need to have someone that works there? In the future I want to be a landlord but I really don't want to have to hire employees.

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