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  1. Here's an example of the magic of the Chink. The average 3 bedroom bungalow in Richmond Hill in 1984 cost $30,000. At the peak in April 2017 those exact same 3 bedroom bungalows were selling for 1.2 million dollars apiece. Then they fixed the Chinks April 20th 2017. Now you can see how far real estate prices will fall in the future. The average price of a car in Canada doubled in price from 1984 to 2017.

  2. This is a ridiculous video. No inventory? Canadians were thrown under the bus decades ago. So "Anti Capitalist's" caused the problems? Are you serious? Canadian governments decided that laundering money from corrupt communists and drug dealers was a way easier plan to roll out, then to create an environment were Canadians prosper. Tax the shit out of Canadians and bring in the money launderers. This "we have no fucking houses" argument would mean that there are people with enough money and prosperity to buy them. You think that house prices will keep going up? If your right then Vancouver would be the first city in the history of the world to not crash back down. Get ready for some reality because the Chinese Government is finally pulling the plug on these guys. Canadians are tired of the Fentanyl deaths and cash used to buy even more houses for international drug dealers.

  3. All I gotta say is alot of these homes and condos especially in downtown vancouver are not locally listed even before completion. They're listed mostly in Shanghai and Hong Kong because that's where the majority of rich people with interests in our market is. A person who makes 200-500k per year doesn't even qualify anymore for a mortgage from the bank because now a minimum price of 1.5 million of a vancouver home is completely out of reach. Altho the foreign buyer market has kept the economy stable it's also poisoning vancouver to the point where you might as well take down the Canadian flag and fly a Chinese flag. Because that's how bad its become! Wanna know the secret? The economy and real estate market is not really controlled by city of vancouver or provincial government or even federal government. But simply is pretty much dictated by the bank of Canada. Market will never crash it will always be stable but it can only go up so much.

  4. Also freeway in and out of city will help, but REITs and corporate controlled media would rather comes be long and congested in order to force inner city demand up..

  5. Completely agree…. Corporate media completely ignores the supply restrictions that have been going on….

  6. There is a major flaw in your theory and that is the cheapness of money at this time. You could probably make an argument that part of this sharp rise of the last twenty years is due to the cheapness to borrow where people can afford multiple properties as investments. Also factor in the lowering of the deposit percentage for down payments and other financial vehicles used to get people into homes. The trick in all this is to not overbuild. Some cities do contract and have homes that eventually get demolished. Maybe Vancouver has established itself to prevent this. The rising cost of Vancouver’s real estate I can see being a factor restricting growth. Could also trigger more mobile people to leave the city for cheaper areas. You’re seeing that happen to a lot of overheated markets.

  7. But developers will not want to buy expensive land and take on the high cost of building if unit prices will be lower. So the prices here will be high forever, unless total global economic collapse.

  8. Completatly agree with your vision of more density. But completely desagree with the prices drop.
    We are starting to see increasing in interest rates (inflation). Low interest rates are causing overheat the economy. People are over investing. Check the debs of the families with and without mortgages.
    In a environment of low interés you are not incentive to safe, is to overspent.
    That causes heat prices.
    The problem is when people start to defoult their mortgages.
    That moment price land will decrease.
    Time to time

  9. Walk outside of the Nanaimo skytrain station and look at the single family homes beside a publicly funded mass transit system… that is the problem with Vancouver, poor zoning and poor tax policy on land use… when empty lots ran out they should have rezoned the whole city for slightly higher density and let the market run its course. It is fundamental economics to use tax policy that corresponds to the public utility of the location. I figure they are selling the trash along the corridors first to wealthy investors before they permit the truly valuable off strip neighborhoods.

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