How And Where To Invest in Detroit Real Estate – Invest in these areas

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18 thoughts on “How And Where To Invest in Detroit Real Estate – Invest in these areas”

  1. I think that the Woodward area near the Berry Gordy Mansion is 48202 Zip. I grew up in the 06 Zone 12th & Burlingame area, and you're right there are lots of beautiful home in most of the areas you mentioned.

  2. Hay, I am here in Flint Mi. and I am a real estate agent and I was thinking of commenting back and forth, because I would like to invest in Detroit, would that be a good idea? Also I also work on homes rebuild, and make new again. I would love to net work with you.

  3. Hello how about investing in the 48224 zip code, I heard it's one of the best one's to put $ into right on the border of Harper Woods .. That it's up and coming, is this true??

  4. when Detroit comes back up I want our ppl to be able to profit from it unlike what's happening in NY. definitly subscribing

  5. bro I'm a young African american from the Bronx ,NY ,First off this is a great video. I want to move to NC but I'm interested in buying property in Detroit a black city with opportunity for long term investments. For someone who is not from Detroit and wants to own property there what do you think should be my first inquiries

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