House Hunters: Spend Big or Fix It Up in Naples, FL

House Hunters: Spend Big or Fix It Up in Naples, FL

After recently relocating from Texas to pricey Naples, Florida, a couple is still in sticker shock. He’s ready to spend big on a move-in ready Mediterranean, but she wants to find a cottage fixer-upper that lets her knock down some walls.

20 thoughts on “House Hunters: Spend Big or Fix It Up in Naples, FL”

  1. Wife is too controlling. Husband gave up a dream house and dream pool to let wife flex her muscles in the fixer. I would have put my foot down and choose House # 3 with that beautiful warm space and dream kitchen. I am waiting for someone to say that Barbie Doll Realtor is Hot.

  2. Only in rural US will you get a realtor praising the house for being "custom built". Of course it's custom built, no normal person shells out more then half a million for a cookie cutter cardboard shoebox( unfortunately most people are stupid and buy these houses that fall aaprt every 50 years).

  3. Poor guy, this woman is pure nightmare. I woulnd't be able to stand her, all I think about it how I want to punch her in the face really hard…

  4. What the hell is wrong with the wife? For someone who appears to be creative, she is anything but a free spirit……miserable.

  5. Wow, this wife is just something else! The realtor dressed like she’s going to a wedding and her voice isn’t even as annoying in comparison

  6. I lived in Florida an they really aren’t kidding about the alligators!! I lived in an apartment surrounding a small pond and there ended up being a Momma An her babies just show up one day

  7. I'm the opposite of the other commenters…i saw the husband being the problem.! He called the shots on the other houses they lived in so it's her turn! He is OCD for sure. And being from Naples…i know there are gators in even a mud puddle!!!

  8. it amazed me this couple stayed married as long as they have. the wife is about borderline abusive, dismisses her husbands opinions-mocks him for being orderly- shes damn right rude. I guess his self esteem must be pretty low to tolerate the verbal abuse which seemed to be constant.

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