House Hunters: Family Matters in DC

House Hunters: Family Matters in DC
A young woman hopes to find an easy-to-maintain row home with renovation potential in Washington DC. Her mother is coming along to help but she believes a move-in ready stand-alone home would work better. Will the two find a compromise and the perfect home to satisfy both?

20 thoughts on “House Hunters: Family Matters in DC”

  1. Happy for her to be 27 buying her own crib but I think the 3rd house was the better selection personally…also I never feel comfortable about renting out a place I'm also living in

  2. The last two D.C episodes I watched chose some questionable properties but hey not my coin. I’d like to see a follow up

  3. Go ahead girl. I'm so proud of you and happy for you! Wish you the vest in your new home! Not man ppl can say they can afford to buy a house in DC proper in this market. Such an accomplishment!

  4. If Im single and looking for a home, I am not looking for something for a family.. She said she wasn't ready for a all the way grown up house. lol she's funny has a warm personality from what I see, I can see why she has a lot of friends.

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