HOUSE HUNTERS FAMILY Dad’s New House in Austin, TX | 8/2/18

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Three kids help their dad buy a new home where they can spread their wings in Austin, Texas. After viewing a wide range of properties from a ranch home with a barn and lots of land in a rural setting to a couple of modern homes closer to downtown, the family will have to come to an agreement on city vs. country living if they want to find the perfect home.

19 thoughts on “HOUSE HUNTERS FAMILY Dad’s New House in Austin, TX | 8/2/18”

  1. Attractive looking family! Very amused viewing the children! Love the relationship between dad and children. Beautiful looking homes!

  2. Friends, what is it that you are holding onto that will take you to hell? Hell is not a fairy tale, its a literal place. You don't want to go there! Psalms 9:17 "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God."

  3. This episode was so likeable. I was waiting for someone to irritate me, but was surprised how much I liked the dad and his kids. It was a great episode.

  4. So many people don’t realize that the kids are just copycats. They say everything they know their parent will say. Would be nice to know what they really think for themselves.

  5. Beautiful home and beautiful family! The entire family respected each other's needs and wants. You could not have selected a better home!

  6. I really like these new house hunters that have the whole family in them the old ones were getting so routine and boring

  7. I don't get it. The kids are adorable, and you can tell that they are good kids. The father is hot, educated, and seems like a nice gentle guy. What's up with the divorce? Really? I would really like to know the backstory to this.

  8. The Kids are so young but they are so Mature the way they Think. I love that they are cute and smart at the same time. The family looks so cool. If the father dont like Wife, im willing to volunteer. HAHA

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