House Hunters (7/13/2018) Old vs. New im Greenville, South Carolina

House Hunters (7/13/2018) Old vs. New im Greenville, South Carolina

16 thoughts on “House Hunters (7/13/2018) Old vs. New im Greenville, South Carolina”

  1. OMG!!!.The first 5 minutes..So Annoying..I want a Blue door and the second house umm the door looked green.. 3? Bathrooms? why?, No Granite???lmao..and closer the Country club?? can we say Spoiled…Love the mom….ha..they did not pick 3??? The poor guy…

  2. At first I was like, “but that third house was so much better than the second house!“ But then I remembered that because the show is scripted and they have already moved into the second house, they had probably never even seen the third house until they had to film the show. I bet they were wishing they could start over and get the third house!

  3. “I really prefer to have 3 full bathrooms at minimum because I really want, when we have guests to come, to not have to deal with putting away [my baby’s] stuff in the bathroom.” First world problem…

  4. Dear Lord, I would NOT want my mother to be my real estate agent. So opinionated on everything. Fixated on a blue door? Great! Buy some paint.

  5. Only just because of a blue door…the daughter refuses…the house has nothing to do…no 4 rooms…no 3-4 baths….no garage… Just a blue door…and it can be get by paint…so jst because of a blue door they do that choice…i think the 3 was awesome… I would choose thA…the husband was nt much happy…lol.

  6. I don't have a problem with her wanting a blue door. When I bought my house, I insisted of having a 1,500 square foot swimming pool in the hallway bathroom even though all of the houses we could afford were only 900 square feet. It ended up being OK because we threatened to kill the homeowner's children if they didn't install a pool. They spent $500,000 on installing the pool and other upgrades, and we ended up killing them, their children and everyone they ever cared about anyway. And we got everything for free! It was a win-win! For us! lol

  7. these 2 are my sons age,very young and not wise. I've always thought older people were more fascinating because theyve experienced so much more in their lives

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