Homes For Sale in Brandon FL – Brandon Overview by Lance Mohr – Tampa Realtor

Here’s an overview for the Brandon area in Tampa Bay, FL.
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This is a great overview of Brandon, FL if you are thinking of buying or renting a home. Get crime & school reports, relocation info, free educational YouTube videos and more by visiting our website (Tampa2Enjoy).

If you are thinking about relocating or buying a home in Brandon you should check out this short overview video. Below is the transcript.

Hi my name is Lance Mohr and I want to do this overview and go over Brandon, Florida. I’m a Brandon real estate agent and I just want to try to help you get a little more familiar with Brandon if you are thinking about maybe relocating there or buying a home, renting a home etc.

Brandon is located in Hillsborough County. It is off the 75 and it is just south of the I-4. It is an older area predominantly Brandon was built in the 70s and 80s. You will see some home in the 50s and 60s. You will see some homes in the 90s and 2000s but predominantly they are smaller homes maybe 13, 15, or 2000 square feet built in the 70s, built in the 80s. It is very, very nice if you are looking for areas that have a lot of things to do. They have tons and tons of restaurants there, movie theaters, tons of shopping, and just everything. As a matter of fact, people who live in Riverview, Apollo Beach, all the surrounding areas pretty much need to go to Brandon if they want to do things but with that being said when you get on some of their major roads like the 60 it can get very, very congested during rush hour so keep that in mind. It really depends what you are looking for. If you sort of like that more matured look and you want something built in the 70s and 80s Brandon could be a really good fit.

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If you are looking for something newer and you want to be in a newer community there are sections of Brandon that are newer and some of them are gated but you might be looking in areas like Riverview which is just south of Brandon that is a little bit newer and then you have some other areas surrounding Brandon also. Overall it is a good area. I would definitely go on my website where you could look up school information and crime information. I do a lot of these videos in different cities. Just go on to my You-Tube channel and go to the search where I think it looks like a little magnifying glass and you can type in the different cities or if you want to get information of Florida property taxes, what are CDD fees and if you are in an older community you really don’t need to worry about CDD fees but if you are in probably the mid-90s to 2000s I would definitely watch that video. There are videos on bank-owned homes, short sales/foreclosures, a lot of different information to help you out. Go in there and check it out. If you have any questions on Brandon or the area don’t hesitate to give me a call. I wish you the best of luck.

If you have any questions about Brandon, FL or any of the surrounding cities please visit my website and give me a call.

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