Ferry Plantation – Virginia Paranormal Investigations

The haunted Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach is home to several spirits. Virginia Paranormal Investigations returns to this location after 3 years to conduct a paranormal investigation of this historic site.

20 thoughts on “Ferry Plantation – Virginia Paranormal Investigations”

  1. Hey guys very great what you guys are doing very interesting.I watch you guys all the time I told all my friends they also watch. I was wondering ? No lie I'm not just talking trash I have a cuzzint that works for animal planet channel on cable. I kid you not!!! With your permission can I tell him about you guys ? N go from there . but I can't promise that he will make it happen to be on cable but I can try? Right.

  2. Went back today found the hanging tree and I felt some sort of energy around it it was very cool and yet spooky but I’m so glad I found it!! I love history

  3. How could a spirit use a new computer to talk through when they never seen one before do you tell them how to use it please explain

  4. I live down here in Florida so it might sound different but how do black and white women sound different when they scream up there in Virginia?? I was just wondering but still enjoyed and thumbs up as well

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