Expect Condo Prices to Slow Even More! The details…

We are watching the slowdown of condo prices in Toronto. We explain when things will change and why in this video. Let us know what you think and are seeing happen in the GTA real estate market.

How Long Can Condos Accelerate video link:

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6 thoughts on “Expect Condo Prices to Slow Even More! The details…”

  1. Many people Get convinced that housing is the next greatest investment but sadly only a few profit before the market turns

  2. Today’s city is Richmond Hill, MOI is 8.9 which is extreme buyers market (previous reading on June 26th is 7.22 MOI, again MOI is getting worse for All GTA cities), this is one of the cities that crashed 40% from March 2017 and prices still dropping, keep in mind many houses already listed at 40% discount from last year peak

    Some examples of house price drops:

    -High End-

    2 Drops, 1 Million dollar on Feb 8th and $900,000 on Apr 4 (Almost 2 Million crash in price!!! I feel bad for the owner)

    Another one with a frecken million dollar crash ($1,000,000 May 25)

    $400,000 on May 31

    $490,000 on May 2

    2 drops, $250,000 drop on April 4th and $151,112 on May 27

    2 drops, $100,000 on May 6th and another one of $139,000 on Jun 4

    3 drops, $150,000 on May 16th, $100,000 on June 5th and $150,000 on Jun 17

    -Lower End-

    $100,000 on Apr 30

    $78,000 on May 25

    2 drops, $50,000 on June 13th and $50,000 on Jun 28

    $90,000 on Apr 4

    2 Drops, $100,000 on May 6th and $139,000 on Jun 4

    $50,000 on Jun 20

    $50,000 on May 24

    $51,090 on May 4

    2 drops, $51,000 on May 15th and $11,000 on June 21st

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  3. A video from another amateur who doesn't know the difference between negative cashflow and losing money.
    Such amateurs think that if a person pays $100/month to cover expenses, but $1100/month goes toward principal debt payment, then loss is $100 per month.

    I can give you a hint, kid. Toronto rental prices grew 15.2% YOY, while price only has 9% appreciation. What does it mean? It means that cashflow became better than a year ago. Surprise, LOL.

    In fact, exactly the cashflow positive hunters had a biggest hit last year, since suburbs had biggest price declines. The more investor percentage was in area, the bigger decline happened. While the most cashflow negative areas in downtown Toronto are doing just fantastic.

  4. The fallacy of a supply shortage proceeds every crash. I am a full time market analyst and previous financial officer of a top Fortune 500 company. I can tell you that the banks and large institutions are already planning for a long term bear market. Economic and housing,. Retail investors are always the last to exit “Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered” sorry to burst your bubble but This is likely to be the most extreme crash that Canada has had since the Great Depression. I guarantee 95% will get burnt and 5% will capitalize (smart money) ie institutional investors.

  5. If condo prices/sales stagnate. Where does that leave the market then.
    The upward pressure from condos.
    The downward pressure from the detached.

    Where does the gta go from there?

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