Exclusive villa for sale with private lake | Reggio Emilia, Italy – Ref. 3100

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This extraordinary and unique luxury villa for sale stands in Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna.

Built between 1724 and 1727 at will of Duke Rinaldo d’Este, this villa’s prestige not only comes from its historical importance but also from its peculiarities and breathtaking setting.

This property, measuring 1,200 m2, stands on a small island at the centre of the estate’s lake and could only be reached by boat until the 1950s.

This villa is surrounded by a beautiful park, measuring 7,000 m2, with centuries-old plants; the estate is currently in good condition, with clearly visible decorations and period frescoes.

9 thoughts on “Exclusive villa for sale with private lake | Reggio Emilia, Italy – Ref. 3100”

  1. Why would anyone sale this vila or mansion i would love to live in such a place. You talk Paradise, that's for me,but im poor and it will never happen. Like i ssid one can. Dream.

  2. Yes, but the "lake" would be a massive job to clean up, because that is where their poop went. In other words… Lots and Lots of Sewage, and the person buying it, would have to bring it up to code. Pretty place, but looks like a money pit.

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