Elliott Smith – Real Estate (Untitled – The Mailman Thinks Me Dumb)


20 thoughts on “Elliott Smith – Real Estate (Untitled – The Mailman Thinks Me Dumb)”

  1. I've been bamboozled; I thought the screenshot of this vid was actually him doing an acoustic cover of this song. Lol.

  2. Dogs eat dogs eat dogs
    Move through
    There's rain inside your house
    For our moods
    But I don't want to live here
    Even if it's all we've got
    Mr. Big got an expectation
    Thinks he thinks he's my education
    He said, "Don't you think
    we could make a couple of G's."
    Why don't you go for yourself
    and take what's coming to you?

  3. again, mymay. thank you. the steven paul memorial in portland last weekend was pretty cool- dude from spoon, m. ward. gus van . rebecca from . there were a few

  4. i dont even wanna go inside, its a burned out party thats killing my pride. just want to live with her again can we do that even if you can't stand to sleep in the same bed

  5. I've listened to this before without really listening to the words, and I always thought he said 'dawsons dawsons dawsons creek' at the start

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