Double trouble in Canada housing 🍅🍅🍅

Canadian real estate price spiked in 2017, and a lot of homeowners have already spent that equity. Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) numbers show a huge number of people are taking out multiple mortgages on their homes. The trend now represents over 1 in 10 mortgages issued in the country, and nearly half are in just 3 cities.

20 thoughts on “Double trouble in Canada housing 🍅🍅🍅”

  1. So where are you going to house the close to 100 000 new people who come to live in the Toronto area ever year? Basic economics.

  2. I was just in Toronto for a friend's wedding near there, its horrible I landed at 2 am so we went downtown the apartment buildings were huge and filthy downtown area was awful yeah there is a lot going on but there is garbage everywhere flocks of heavy drug users and a aroma of gasoline I dont under stand why someone would pay so much to live there in the first place

  3. everything is dependent on market fluxuations, if your mortgage is paid off there is no fluxuations. you are just a little less rich or more.

  4. get all the equity out because you can't give the house away, who wants to live in a communist country, then dump the house on the bankers and move into the woods.

  5. The crash has already started… bidding wars stopped last year… prices have been coming down. Realtards list houses for a price, if they can't sell them, they take them off the market. Then relist the property at a lower price… just so they can say it sold at or close to asking…

  6. If a market is so expensive, nobody can afford to buy, do you have a market?
    Millions of fake millionaires in Canada… and so many debt consolidators, debt councillors and bankruptcy trustees…

  7. Hi Mike, thanks for posting yet another interesting video!

    I would like to invite your viewers to share in our discussions on my "Metro Vancouver Housing Collapse" FB site along with the 2,444 others who have also joined since last November.

  8. You're wrong again! Prices will only trend upwards. You have missed out and will never be able to buy. Your loss. You could have been a multimillionaire from just a one bedroom bachelor condo in a few years. Stop misleading real estate investors please.

  9. Mike, I live in Richmond and there is still so many rich Asians still buying with cash, now.
    Prices are not going crazy but the market is still there.

  10. Theres a huge supply of rentals. The landlord agents price fix and choose not to drop prices as if they did, then the mortguage holders would have to pay more of the difference. By not renting it out the vacant supply the mortguage owners can write off losses as a tax credit. They need to axe that loophole and not allow tax credits for losses on property and not allow expensce claims on repairs. thats how it is in Australia anyway. We have a thing called Negative Gearing which needs to be axed.

  11. They’re beginning to clean up and breaking ground on building up between 25&30 condos in a 1km radius of where I live in Toronto. I’m in the bloor and dufferin area. I’ve been hearing about the crash since I began working in the housing/construction business for almost 25 years. I understand you guys but it’s not happening. I hope you’re not shorting it. Btw! How’s the guy doing who shorted our market?

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