Door Knocking Tips for NEW Real Estate Agents

Along with knowing your scripts and objection handlers, here are a few other questions home owners sometimes will ask. Here’s how you can be ready!


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20 thoughts on “Door Knocking Tips for NEW Real Estate Agents”

  1. Hi Loida, I’m starting school in a few weeks. I’ve been watching both you and BC channels. I know scripts are super important, so do you ever sell a house off scripts? Sometimes the script sounds so fake to me, like reading off of a paper, if I recognize that, doesn’t the home owner recognize that you are speaking from a script? Can I go off script? I have the gift to gab and can sell the socks off my mothers feet, I was just wondering if in school that I will constantly be stuck reading fake scripts? Love your videos xoxo

  2. Good day, Loida, I was told that I need to start interviewing for bookers, but I don't know what to ask. Can you suggest how to interview a potential booker?

  3. Also, for commenters, when door-knocking use the " Spotio" app to keep track of the homes you have door knocked and add note information for that Home. You can also export this information into Excel spreadsheet.

  4. I only have Kevin wards scripts for fsbo and expireds but they are for phone calls…. am I missing the ones for door knocking or are they the same ones !?

  5. Hi Loida. I have watched your videos for months and got my license last week. I have never experienced realtors door knocking in my market and those I have asked in my new office don't do it, but I saw opportunity especially from your videos.

    I had a flyer, I had a very nice looking door hanger printed up and my card was attached to each. If someone was home I would say hello and use the flyer, if not the door hanger. I went to an upscale neighborhood in my city which I decided would be part of my "farm". There is a good deal of sales activity up there. BOY did it not go as I hoped.

    I found few people home so I used door hangers on maybe a dozen homes. Then, I had one woman scream at me to "Go away!! before I could even knock. I was pleasant and said sorry to disturb. A few more doors and a guy pointed at me from his front door and said "Don't even try." Again, I was rattled inside but apologized and wished him a good day. Finally, I approached a very nice home it didn't appear anyone was home. I walked to the front door and saw a nicely dressed woman open the door. I expected a conversation. NO. She immediately said "Why are you on my land! Get off my land!" I said I was simply there to introduce myself but she stopped me with "I have a dog, I am going to release him if you don't get off my land". He pointed to her lawn. I said OK but I would return as I had come as I didn't walk to walk across her lawn. Reply? "I don't care if you walk in my lawn. Get out of here! Don't come back! We ALL have dogs do not bother anyone! Do you hear me!?"

    Now, her voice carried to the point where while upscale homes three neighbors came out to their front steps to listen as if she had caught me stealing her car. Having left maybe 15 of the 100 door hangers/flyers I had intended to leave I retreated. I just e-mailed a friend in the area who has been in the business for a while to share this. His response was "Oh ya, it is TOUGH. I give you credit for even trying that."

    Do you have thoughts? Is this a regional thing? I'm on the East Coast near New York where truly the only people we ever see knock on our door are politicians or religious groups. I plan to try again tomorrow but am rattled by that reception on day one. I'll add I dressed in a nice oxford shirt and casual pants so I looked as harmless as could be and not like a salesperson which I was warned against. Wow.

  6. Great video but people are glued to their phones and social media. Why not send out a controlled message to your exact audience that's most likely to take action? Door knocking is a spray-and-pray marketing method. You're hoping you hit a winner but you have no data to really go off of. You don't know much about the homeowner, their interests, their situation, etc. Run a few test ads to your ideal audience online in the area you're targeting, analyze the data, adjust your ad and run it again. You can run about 5-6 test ads and find a winner in 20 days or less for $100. You spend less time and you increase your impact exponentially!

  7. Hey everyone and Loida! I appreciate all your tips and information that you provide to new newbies. I subscribe to you and Bryan and watch you guys often. I love that you share the ugly and good side of Real Estate. I'm learning now that mindset is EVERYTHING! So with this in mind, I want to reach out to anyone who is looking to role play via phone for at least 30 minutes. Let's learn the scripts, I got my Kevin Ward book and get these conversations going! Please e-mail me at

  8. I love the brilliant response you provided in this video! It's so true that there are many vendors: this takes the pressure off of having to remember them on the cuff. Pulling out your phone as a resource tool is smart!

  9. Do some people get skeptical? As in a home owner with zero intention on moving- trying to think how the response would be. Personally I'd be willing to hear a door knocker out especially if selling my home could bring me some capital- but I wonder if some people would be on the defense and think the door knocker is presumptuous. Do you just kill them with kindness and pass on your biz card? Thanks Loida!

  10. I fell that if I am the top agent I know who works in the are I am the expert on, so, what I use is this: "We work with several vendors, so LET ME HAVE (command, don't give them the option to say "no") your information and I will pass it along to whoever has the first appointment available"

  11. I was wondering if you have done a video on ways that you stay organized or what typical things you always carry with you. I am a very organized person and I am just starting in this business and something like that is what I would like guidance on. If you haven't done a video like this would you consider doing one?

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