Dominican Republic Properties: Global Edmonton Morning News: Talking Real Estate Listings and more!

Colleen Valerio (DR Properties) and Joseph Wess (Edmonton Journal) discuss Dominican Republic real estate, buying, lifestyle, community, etc. as well as the upcoming property show (September 2012) We specialize in Dominican Republic Real Estate. We have all the info, support and real estate listings for your perfect spot in the DR!

2 thoughts on “Dominican Republic Properties: Global Edmonton Morning News: Talking Real Estate Listings and more!”

  1. Here's my take on the Dominican Republic. First, there's no rule of law, so you are at the mercy of one of the most corrupt governments in the Caribbean. Make sure you have a deslinde if you are buying real estate. This is a survey and can take 2 years plus to get. Bribery is rampant, along with property crimes. And there are numerous scams by both locals and expats. You can't just assume you can rent your property when you are not there, in fact you may have to hire someone to house sit just to avoid burglary. If you think I just did a google search to discover these problems, no I did not. I've traveled to the DR many times over the past 10 years. I've looked at a lot of properties and talked to local attorneys and others. I love the country, but there is a general attitude by all the locals to take advantage of foreigners. Having said all that, I finally bought a magnificent two story mansion in the heart of the historic district in Ponce, Puerto Rico for the price of 1/2 of a crackerbox in Florida. And there are numerous beautiful historic buildings still abandoned there. (I'm not a real estate agent) No, there is not a beach down the street, but I have secure title with rule of law in a place in which a lot of the locals speak English, and all types of services, exactly like the US mainland, are available. And beautiful beaches are no more than a 1/2 hour away. And hurricane Maria just made property prices more depressed than they had been before.

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