Do You Have the Right Mindset to Own Commercial Real Estate? Most people do not have the right mindset to own commercial real estate and that’s why they don’t own any. In fact, of all the difficulties with becoming a commercial real estate investor, arguably the most challenging is the replacing the wrong mindset with the right one. In this video, you’ll discover what the right and wrong mindsets look like as well as practical strategies on how to replace the wrong with the right so you can get started on your journey to becoming a successful commercial real estate owner.

19 thoughts on “Do You Have the Right Mindset to Own Commercial Real Estate?”

  1. Mr. Harris Great respect to your work , knowledge and amazing way to teach us , thank you!
    I learned more CREI with your amazing videos , than paid REI training classes ,lol 《《C.G.》》

  2. Hi Peter! It's always a pleasure listening and learning from you. I want to ask you where I can reach you to present you a deal and if we can partner up on a deal? Again, thank you for your time.

  3. in the last part of the video where you talk about what an entrepreneur mindset looks like, you say that someone trying to get into real estate investing should get a Mentor who is an expert so that they are not trying to do this by themselves because it is too risky. You make it seem so easy to just find someone who has experience in this who is willing to teach you, yet i know no one who has done this before. How does one go about finding a mentor if they would like to get into this??

  4. Hi Peter, I am an engineer as well and it is funny to see how you apply your "engineering hat" when you develop these videos/tutorials. I love the process based explanations as they are very intuitive making them easier to implement/execute. I am very process oriented as I hate reinventing the wheel everytime I tackle a problem so i definitely appreciate your content. Thanks -nice work. -Geno

  5. Hey Mr. Harris, there is a property that I am interested in, to wholesale to be developed on, I have the company that I know will put there franchise there. However the parcel of land it is connected to is $23M, but I want to sever the land, due to other business being near so I'm not paying for the businesses land right beside it.

    1. Can I send a letter of Intent to owner explaining this in better detail without telling them exactly who I have to buy and develop land?

    2. Is there a website or source you use to find phone numbers to commercial property owners without spending hours trying to find on your own?


  6. I am looking at buying a commercial property and from the title of this video I expected something different. Regardless it was a motivating piece. Thanks for this knowledge.

  7. If you give the video a thumbs down without a comment that explains the reasons for your vote, then you are a troll.

  8. Hello Peter. Thank you for all the great content. I have a question. Why don't I hear about investor's obtaining a Real Estate broker's license to avoid paying the commissions?

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